My name is Mariela, I am a writer and communicator specialized in verbal identity.

I know that many people find it difficult to put ideas into writing and that is why my mission is to help them discover the magic of the right words.

Since 2010 I´ve been working with brands and businesses and training professionals to create unique content that stands out from the infinite messages.

Through communication consultancy and quality copywriting, I help transform ideas into high-impact content that communicate clearly and effectively.

Brand content

Expert copywriting to shape your key messages.

Communication consultancy

Content marketing strategies that captivate your audience.

I am here to help you create your narrative

Through creative copywriting and communication strategies.

What do I do exactly?

Communication is a wide concept, I know. I focus in improving written communication so brands can connect more directly with their audiences in digital platforms through high-quality, high-impact content and storytelling. I also develop and implement online strategies so brand messages are delivered to the right audience.

I started as a journalist in Argentinian newspapers, such as El Cronista and Prensa Económica. Later on, I was communication manager in international organizations and specialist in digital communication and electronic commerce for Marriott International. I worked for almost a decade as a content editor in international PR agencies until I started my own path with MG Contenidos, where I was able to merge my passions: digital communication and writing.

I have a degree in Communication Sciences from the University of Buenos Aires and a postgraduate degree in Strategic Marketing from the University of San Andrés. I also studied Teacher Training College in English as a second language at Joaquín V. González.

Being able to help others express their own ideas is what guides my work. And, at a personal level, narrative writing is the way I better understand what surrounds me. My first short stories were part of Random House Mondadori anthologies. I received national and international writing prizes and in 2014 I published my first novel in New York by Díaz Gray Editores. In 2019 I published my second novel in Argentina and I continue to write new stories.

I am interested in communication in all its forms, but more on the written one as it transcends time and space. I really believe in the importance of being able to communicate clearly. And, in the case of professional and brand communication, it is written almost half the time. That is why I love so much working with words: being able to express what we really want to say is what powers everything else.








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